Everyone has different preferences in photography.

Some people love to shoot landscape, while others love to shoot portraits. If you want to classify the types of photography, is really a lot. For example: the nature landscape photography, black-and-white photography, macro photography, product photography, street photography, travel photography, wildlife photography, and so on. For beginners when started photography may just shoot anything and slowly there will find which type of photography they love. No matter what you chose, as long as you shoot more and learn further,  you can become an expert in a particular category of photography.
I love macro photography, There is peoples that loves to take macro photography of insects, flowers, household products, food, etc. I find my love in the macro photography world which is the water droplet's photography.  The images that capture in the droplet are really attractive which you can't view with our human eyes. I can say I am quite experienced in droplet macro photography but not an expert yet. I have spent a lot of time on droplet macro photography, and I also learn from others who love droplet photography too.  This is how I get the skills and tips.
I hope to share with you, the experience and the skills and tips of photography  that I have learned from other photographers.


my own photography tips  


  my own photography tips

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